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About Zlatam.com

   heartZlatam.com is a brainchild of artist Zlata_M
We offer PSP tubes and Illustrations  for Taggers and Designers as well as raster and 

illustrations for design.Also, the Exclusive Portrait of you or
the one you love. The more information you find here

heart If you did not find what you need in our extensive catalogue, just send an e-mail using

    this form to  describing what is it you are looking for.

yesAll characters are separated from background.

    Products do for any software in which one can use psd format files.

                                           Terms of use

    Artist Zlata_M  is exclusive owners of her artworks including of  Zlatam.com.
   Purchasing any tube does not entail any rights to it, rather than gives permission to use it
    in quite a limited way, which is what psp license is for.

 heartZlata  allow to recolouring and animating of all tubes from zlatam.com.

heartZlata allows to create any graphic digital products for non-commercial use (including
   psp tags, animated banners and website designs.Products may not be printed, exchanged, sold,
   used for profit and commercial purposes or shared in any method of file sharing, including any
  file hosting, data medium, e-mail and etc. without special allow from artist Zlata_M.


Zlatam PSP license, which typically costs $1.85 a piece, allows you to use such a tube for very limited purposes for
     onlyne/digital personal use OLY!! and is absolutely not suitable for commercial use. If you intend to createany type of commercial product,
     you must have a royalty-free license for the tube or tubes used that can be obtained from Zlata_M.
   However, you are still not allowed to pass the original psd file to anyone or share it in any way be it
via email,disk,file sharing site, p2p or any other method!

If you need an image for printing, please see our Extended Royalty Free License 

If you need an image for the purpose of printing and selling products with it, please see our Unlimited Royalty Free License

The owner of this website and brand name @Zlata_M is Tetiana Maslyk

Address: Zagreb 10000,Croatia