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           How do I get a license?

Every customer should have his/her unique Username,which should contain from numbers, letters,
or combination of  numbers and letters in it. You must choose carifully your Username when you registered at the Zlatam.com Art Shop and make sure you would like to use this Username on all your designs. After your register  at  the  site you must use  this license on all prodacts!


           Copyright information

Copyright info consist of 3 parts.

1. Artist name.
 Zlata_M - you can use this name for all my tubes.

2. Artist site.
The taggers can use "zlatam.com" as artist site for all tubes.

3. Your personal license from zlatam.com

It is your Username your were registrated with on zlatam.com
You can change your Username in your personal account or we can chage it for you.

This license is one and the same for all pictures  from www.zlatam.com

   yesThe final product must contain the copyright symbol, full name of the artist, website name
             which is Zlatam.com and the license which   is 

All tubes, when displayed online by the customer, must contain the following information,displayed
in a very clear and visible way:

yesThe copyright symbol © followed by the full name of the artist or artist's name and 
the  word  *Exclusive* if applicable  (when you using Exclusive or VIP pictures, make sure
you put "© Exclusive" or "© VIP" in the copyright).

yesThe website url : www.zlatam.com
    Thereby ,
                     copyright for
tags using tubes from Zlata's personal store need to look like this:
                                                     ©Zlata_M/ www.zlatam.com/ Zlatam_yourUsername

                    copyright for timelines using tubes from Zlata's personal store need to look like this:    
                                                     ©Zlata_M/ Zlatam_yourUsername

*Since facebook may have an issue with urls on timeline covers, you can also credit our site in the following way:    

    © Zlata_M/your_Username/Zlatam   Please note that this applies to facebook timeline covers only!


                 Terms of use

    Artist Zlata_M  is exclusive owners of her artworks including of  Zlatam.com.
   Purchasing any tube does not entail any rights to it, rather than gives permission to use it
    in quite a limited way, which is what psp license is for.

 heartZlata  allow to recolouring and animating of all tubes from zlatam.com.

heartZlata allows to create any graphic digital products for non-commercial use (including
   psp tags, animated banners and website designs. Products may not be printed, exchanged, sold,
   used for profit and commercial purposes or shared in any method of file sharing, including any
  file hosting, data medium, e-mail and etc. without special allow from artist Zlata_M.



            Using the tubes for commercial purpose

   wink If you wish to create products for commercial purpose, such as to make promo materials,
     banners, create web designs for other people, as well as make non-digital products, you must obtain
     a royalty-free license for the desired tube(s).

     *Zlatam license, which typically costs $1.85 a piece, allows you to use such a tube for very limited purposes
     and is absolutely not suitable for commercial use. If you intend to createany type of commercial product,
     you must have a royalty-free license for the tube or tubes used that can be obtained from Zlata_M.
    for instance, for creating various digital products based on a single tube,  you need the royality-free license.
   However, you are still not allowed to pass the original psd file to anyone or share it in any way

    winkIf you interested of any type of commercial product please contact me here


                   How do GIFT certificates work?

1. On the certificate PAGE , please select one of the Gift certificate options and click to buy.

2. The GIFT certificate code (coupon code) you receive after making the purchase, can be given
    to a recipient- just send the coupon code to your friend through e-mail or in any other way!

3. The recipient has to enter the code when making a purchase;
    the code is entered while in cart, in the field coupon discounts - coupon code

4.Please note! The Gift code can be used only once, while any unused amount on the coupon expires.
  For instance, if you gifted a $1.85 coupon and the recipient used it to buy something costing $1.5,
   the remaining $0.25 burns and cannot be used for any other purchases.


   laugh Promotion PSPMORE3!

When purchasing 3 and more psp images (your order total must be minimum $ 5,50 )you get a 1,85 discount. To take advantage of the discount,
Add the images required to the cart and enter the coupon code pspmore3